Sunday, September 04, 2011
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Don't Come Here? Okay, we know it sounds weird.   And by now, there's no doubt that you've already asked yourself, "What do they mean by, 'Don't Come Here!', aren't churches supposed to accept everyone?" 

Let us explain! 
The Elim Experience Elim Bible Institute is a college in Lima, New York, offering one-year, two-year, and three-year certificate and diploma programs intended to prepare Christian leaders and workers for service, both in ministry and the workforce.  Among Bible schools with Charismatic emphasis, Elim has an international reputation for excellence.
Sermon Audio Archive We upload our audio sermons weekly for your convienience. Are you looking to hear a message you missed? No problem! Are you looking to check out the relevency of our preaching? Go for it! Are you looking for some answers concerning a subject matter we've taught on? We pray our messages help. Whatever your reason, we hope our Sermon Audio Archive challenges you in your faith and builds you up in Christ.

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P.O. Box 1516
Easton, Maryland 21601

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A Kingdom Emphasis

1) The Kingdom and the Holy Spirit:
Since the Kingdom flows out from the Spirit, we embrace the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12 ) in the present day ministry of the church.

2) The Present Dimensions of The Kingdom:
The Kingdom, covenantally restored in the Christ-event, is increasingly being experienced in history here on earth.

3) The Kingdom and Future Generations:
We believe in raising up the generations to come and we believe there is a hopeful future for the people of God prior to the final resurrection.

4) The Kingdom and Eschatology:
While we recognize millennial views have never been a test for orthodoxy, we believe that our King is in the process of subduing all His enemies.



It's Time To Engage Our Culture

We live in a day of a much needed REFORMATION in order to transform our culture in any lasting way. For the last few decades the church as a whole has disengaged from the cultural battle that is quickly shaping our nation into a morally bankrupt society. If this is to change we as the Church must rise to the occasion and engage the battle.

We believe the 7 Mountain Strategy is a divine strategy that can and will work to extend the Kingdom of God. We've never seen a strategy gain so much momentum so quickly. Let your Kingdom come, oh God!


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